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My ancestors were Welsh seafarers, captains of the deep ocean barques. I think this must be where my wanderlust has its roots, as well as my lifelong quest to understand and explain the forces of nature which shape our world.


My work has its roots in abstract art, recalling the feeling of a place or a condition and employing medium and technique to express it. The paintings begin as ideas, working in sketchbooks to establish the varying, essential elements which contribute to the spirit of a place. I work with observed colours, structures and compositions to capture the emotional and poetic nature of locations. While the subjects may be place-specific the message about the world and our position in it is universal, and I hope the paintings can be interpreted at many scales and through the lens of any viewer's individual landscape memory. Most are specifically chosen fragments of a landscape, each telling a much bigger tale.


The finished works are painted in acrylic, on paper and on unprimed canvas. Acrylic is used in fluid, translucent washes and in opaque fields of colour.

1962-1980: Born in Scotland, then moved to North Wales

1980-1986: The Welsh School of Architecture. BSc (Hons) BArch (Dist) RIBA 

1986-2008: Living, painting and working as an architect in Hong Kong, China, Germany, USA, UK.   Extensive travel in Asia and elsewhere

      2006-2008: Art Academy of San Diego. Part time class in painting (oil), instructor Stuart Burton

      2008-2015: Principal Lecturer, Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, University of Portsmouth School of Architecture. Teaching design, representation, sustainability at undergraduate and postgraduate levels

      2012-2015: Author of two books on low-impact and sustainable architecture, hand-illustrated, published by    RIBA Publishing

      2015-: Full time painter


portrait photo by Jack Foster

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